Our Story

How we met - Rebecca's perspective

I'm not sure exactly when we met. Definitely at some InterVarsity event at UCLA. I think we became friends at a short weekend conference called Love & Influence in February of 2008.

How we met - Earl's perspective

Honestly, I don't remember.

The proposal - Rebecca's perspective

Well, we had spent the two previous days at Disneyland and California Adventure for our first anniversary of dating and I was pretty convinced he wouldn't be proposing that weekend. We had to go to Earl's niece's 2nd birthday party that Saturday and he had told me that we needed to help set up. That morning he told me we needed to pick something up at Edward's friend's house.

So off we went. When we pulled up to the house, he stalled and I started to get suspicious. He said that we didn't need to pick anything up and he wanted to give me first anniversary gifts at a nearby private lake. So we drove over there and started walking around the lake. I spotted something set up across the lake and said to him that somebody had something planned for that morning. Well, it was him.

We got to the spot and he had a picnic blanket and flowers laid out. We sat down and he starting giving me the gifts. It started with a photobook of our past year together. Next, was a letter with promises for our future. And finally there were screenshots of conversations with my parents and my brothers giving their permission for him to ask me to marry him. At that point, he had me stand up and he got on one knee and pulled out a ring box that had been in his pocket all morning. He opened it up and asked if I would marry him and I said "Of course."

The proposal - Earl's perspective

I usually do arrive early to my family's parties to help set up, so it was a perfect opportunity to set up the ruse! I had spent the previous couple months throwing her off with statements like "I need to find time to meet with your parents for permission" (already done), "I think it'll be a while until I save enough money for a ring" (already bought), and "maybe I'll propose in Hawaii, that'll be romantic" (our hawaii trip was still a few months away).

Rebecca explained most of how it went down, but on my side I had already toured the lake earlier that week to plan with a couple of friends who would help. They picked up the flowers and then went to the lake early in the morning on the day that I proposed to lay out the blanket, rig the lake's gate to not lock, and generally make sure no one was around to ruin the moment.

Oh by the way, on the way to the lake, Rebecca's friend was texting her asking her if we were engaged (even though said friend had no idea I was about to propose).
Rebecca: haha, yeah, that's funny she though you were going to propose this weekend
Earl: HAHAHAH YEAH LOL. OMG. [sweating profusely].

Anyways, I proposed, she said yes. While I was still on my knee I asked "...I don't know what to do now."

Afterwards we went to a farm and pet goats and stuff. Happy birthday, Kayla.